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Rose McGowan — Sexy Witch

Rose McGowan
"I've always attracted strange people. If there's one weirdo in the room, they'll come to me. It's on my forehead: ‘Talk to Rose, crazy man!’"
Full name: Rose Arianna McGowan
DOB: September 5, 1973
Place of birth: Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Rose McGowan facts

  • Charmed is the world’s longest-running TV show with all-female leads, clocking up 112 episodes in total.

  • She once jumped out of a giant cake on Marilyn Manson's birthday. We’re guessing it was at his party – otherwise that would be just weird.

  • She speaks Italian in her sleep, if that does it for you.

  • Her favorite word is ‘cocksucker’.

Why we love Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan’s upbringing was… unusual to say the least. She was born in a barn, for one, (and still slams doors to this day), and was delivered by a blind midwife. Honest. Then again, that’s what you might expect from an Italian girl born into the ‘The Children Of God’ cult in the 70s. She promptly ran off to America, learnt English, and divorced her parents.

Since then, she’s made it her mission to spread the good word of her hotness by appearing in the paranormally sexy witch-off Charmed> and more recently, the Rodriguez/Tarantino moviegasm Grindhouse. Her role in Nip/Tuck also attracted praise from critics and encouraged many to actually go and see Grindhouse – a very impressive feat indeed.

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