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Roxy Ramirez — Looking Roxy

Roxy Ramirez
"I want to be kissed sweetly and gently. That’s how I kiss, too."
Full name: Roxy Ramirez
Place of birth: Cebu, Philippines
Occupation: Model
Featured in: FHM Philippines

Roxy Ramirez facts

  • Roxy’s a current affairs buff and loves a good broadsheet, so get reading.

  • She’s only 70 per cent comfortable in a bikini

  • She’s never been drunk. Boooooring.

  • Completey unconfirmed reports say she wouldn't wear the hat from her shoot out in public.

Why we love Roxy Ramirez


You’re from Cebu, right?
Yes, I’m a Cebuana. I moved here in 2004 with my family. I was discovered when my manager saw me audition for the Binibing Pilipinas contest.

What do you consider your physical asset?
The mole on my left cheek. It livens up and gives character to my face.

Since we’re shooting in a bar, we have to ask: Do you often go to places like these?
Not often. Only to unwind or when my manager invites me.

Surely someone has hit on you those few times you’ve been to a bar.
Yes, it does happen although often I’d hear people say that I intimidate men.

How about if someone offered you a drink?
I don’t drink. I do sometimes, but mostly red wine. And I’ve never been drunk. I make a conscious effort not to drink during parties. I wouldn’t want anyone to take advantage of me when I’m drunk.

What should your suitors’ CV be like?
First off, I believe in courtship. He should go to my house and be brave enough to face my parents.

Where are you most ticklish?
My feet and ears. It actually depends how I’m tickled and who’s tickling me, ha ha!

How do you like to be kissed?
I want to be kissed sweetly and gently. That’s how I kiss, too.

If you were to become president of the country for one day, what would you do?
I will lower the prices of all goods. I will provide homes for the homeless. Most of all, I will help all the Filipino children, especially the street kids.

Roxy for president! Since this is our sixth anniversary issue, what’s your wish for FHM?
I sincerely hope your success will continue. I read it and even learn from it. People really learn a lot from your magazine if only they actually read it and not just gawk at the sexy poses - like mine, ha ha!

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