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Sabine Jemeljanova — Unpronounceably Exotic

Sabine Jemeljanova
"Treat me like a joke, and I'll leave you like it's funny."
Full name: Sabine Jemeljanova
DOB: Unknown
Place of birth: Jelgava, Latvia
Occupation: Glamour Model, Actress

Sabine Jemeljanova facts

  • Sabine's not just a glamour model – she's starred alongside fellow brunette Lucy Pinder in the fascinatingly-titled Strippers versus Werewolves. She played a vampire, if you're interested.

  • She's also been filmed as “an artistic nude” as part of a Snow Patrol tour, where her image was proudly displayed on massive screens. Good show, lads.

  • Sabine has run topless on a treadmill alongside the improbably named Lucy Banghard, who assures us her last name is real.

Why we love Sabine Jemeljanova

Sabine Jemeljanova is something of an unknown element. While we do know a smattering of useful information about her – that she was born in the Baltic country of Latvia but since moved to England so she can learn the language, that she's been on the cover of Front and featured in a variety of mags and papers including Nuts, Loaded, Maxim and – of course - our very own fine publication, and that's she's really good looking. Like, really, really really good looking.

Everything else escapes us, though. Sabine Jemeljanova's not going away any time soon, though, so as we find out more – and we will find out more, mark our words – we'll let you know. Until then, to stay up to date with her comings and goings (and toings, and froings) then follow her on Twitter or Like her on Facebook. Go on. You know it makes sense. What have you got to lose?

UPDATE: We still don’t know much, but we have seen Stripper vs. Werewolves and can assure you that it’s not bad at all. Y’know, it’s not The Reader, in fact it couldn’t be further away from that. But it’s good and Sabine Jemeljanova looks excellent.

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