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Sabrina Brondbo — Puppy love

Sabrina Brondbo
"I wouldn’t mind my boyfriend looking at other chicks, because eventually if I think the girl he’s checking out is hot, I would tell him to wait in line because I’m going to get her before he does!"
Full name: Sabrina Andrea Brondbo
Occupation: Model
Featured in: FHM Singapore

Sabrina Brondbo facts

  • Sabrina was an FHM Singapore Regional Babe in March 2007.

  • Her dad is Portuguese, her step dad Norwegian and her mum Indonesian Singaporean. She’s lived in Vietnam, Norway, Spain, China, and Portugal.

  • An orgy is the wildest thing she’s ever done. But she wasn’t there until the end, apparently.

  • She thinks Chad Michael Murray “has a nice package”.

Why we love Sabrina Brondbo


Was the FHM shoot sexy?
The shoot was very interesting, exciting and memorable. I had a great time. There were laughs everywhere. The only thing was that the weather was just too humid. Everybody was sweating non-stop, including me!

What are you obsessed with?
I love shoes! I go crazy for shoes. No matter how high or whether it’ll kill my feet, I’ll still buy it if I like it. My favourite is my Manolo Blahniks. Nothing can be more important than my shoes!

Do you have a party trick or special talent?
Party trick? Nah. Special talent? Not that I know of. But when I go to a club, I love to dance. Back when I was still in Portugal, we use to just dance with the cutest guys. Either that or just completely get wasted. Sorry, am boring you.

No apologies. We love such stories. Where do you get your hot figure?
Hot figure? You serious? Well, I try to run at least once a week. But that hardly ever happens. I love to eat and I eat a lot... Just never seem to put on weight. I play a lot of sports; sometimes I try to eat the right food; and I have plenty of sex... at least twice a day. (Laughs)

Do you ever look in the mirror and go “wow”?
Sometimes when I feel so down, I’d dress up and put on make up, then I’d take pictures of myself in front of the mirror. I wouldn’t go “wow”, but it makes people feel better about themselves when they know they can look good.

Ever gone topless on a beach?
Of course but not in Singapore. People here judge too much. Overseas, yes. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Every woman has got her own goods; so flaunt it! Just know when and where.

What can we do to increase our chances of getting a date with you?
For me, it’s simple. Be yourself; like my boyfriend, I was actually the one who approached him. He was just there being himself and that was very attractive. I like that in a guy — when he can be comfortable in his own skin.

Are you high maintenance or low maintenance?
I can’t say I’m low or high maintenance. I like branded and expensive things. But I don’t expect men to buy me stuff. I like to be independent. If I want something, I’ll get it myself. Not enough cash? I’ll save up for it! If it cost way too much, then I’ll re-think.

Tell us about your first kiss.
Funny. It was just plain funny. I was in fourth grade. At a pool party. I had a puppy crush on him. So just for fun, being dared and all, I did it. But when I kissed him, he fell off the edge of the pool. We are still friends till today. It was a laugh.

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