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Sam Bowden — Univers-fitty

Sam Bowden
"I’m a bit of a predator, really – I grab my prey!"
Full name: Sam Bowden
Place of birth: Bideford, North Devon
Occupation: Glamour model/Student at Kingston University

Sam Bowden facts

  • Sam predicts that in five years time, she'll be driving a massive truck. Er, what?

  • Sam has a tattoo, between her upper left leg and hip.

  • While at Uni, Sam walked out in the middle of a lecture, bluntly telling the lecturer 'I don't understand a word you're saying.'

  • She once had sex ten times in one day. TEN.

Why we love Sam Bowden

Who said students were all penniless yobs who throw fire extinguishers from the tops of buildings? We sure didn’t, so stop with the rumours you rumour-starting fool.

Sam Bowden is at uni studying Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management at Kingston Uni. We nabbed a copy of the prospectus, and the course is apparently designed to educate on how to predict, identify and prevent every single type of disaster, including earthquakes, fires, and Phillip Schofield appearing on TV.

Sam was crowned the winner of Zoo’s Student Glamour Awards 2010 and was signed by them in the summer. What’s not to love about someone who has beauty and brains – something we’ve always been led to believe was out of reach?She said that despite her career lifting off in the last 6 months, not many people know about her modelling work, as she doesn’t tend to talk about it a lot. Sam, I think you’d be surprised at how many guys on campus have seen your shoots.

Despite being a petite 5ft 5in, Sam has an impressive 30G chest and loves a Malibu on a night out. But before you think she’s all girly. She admits her hidden talent is PRO Evo on the Playstation. “I’m amazing,” she said, modestly.

However she can be a bit blonde, admitting that she does tend to speak before she thinks things through. “I come out with some right corkers. It results in a lot of blonde moments!”

Sam recently did a sexy sleepover photoshoot with Melissa B, including pillow fights, skimpy clothing and….knee-length socks? Whatever floats your boat.

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