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Sam Cooke — Best boobs in Britain

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Sam Cooke
"How the hell do you get your boobs insured?"
Full name: Sam Cooke
DOB: 1985
Place of birth: Manchester, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Sam Cooke facts

  • She has her own blog

  • Her favourite movie include Sister Act 2 Pulp Fiction and City Of God.

  • She has size four feet. FOUR. That's pretty small for someone with so much to balance higher up...

  • She list her Mum as one of her heroes. Ahhh.

Why we love Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke rose to fame when she won The Sun's 'Page 3 Idol' competition in 2006, and it's pretty easy to see why with her 30F-28-34 measurements.

In the beginning, God created the Earth, then millions of years later Sam Cooke studied physics, chemistry, biology and psychology at college. She then considered a career in BioChemistry but realised that it bored her. Our heroine then moved to the big smoke to do a degree in architecture. We know what you're wondering, when do her assets come into it? Well, Sam decided to send a picture of herself into The Sun for their 'Page 3 Idol' competition and that's when her dreams started to come true.

Well, sort of, because Sam Cooke never actually wanted to be a topless model, believe it or not. In December 2006, The Sun told her she had won 'Page 3 Idol', giving her and the rest of the nation's manfolk the best Christmas present they could imagine. She's shot two naked calendars since, one in Ibiza in 2008 and one in Tobago in 2009. And around 15 nude-y front covers.

Most recently Sam has began to DJ under the name DJ Sam Cooke, which isn't that creative, but apparently her mixing of funky and tribal house is. Sam has also raised £5,000 for a breast cancer campaign by doing a skydive. Unfortunately it wasn't naked. Shame, we would have paid double that to see it ourselves! You know, in the name of charity.

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