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Sammie Pennington — She's the breast

Sammie Pennington
"I absolutely love big breasts!"
Full name: Sammie Pennington
DOB: October 25, 1984
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Occupation: Singer

Sammie Pennington facts

  • There are no known adult actresses called Fanny Funbags.

  • Sammie doesn't go out partying with C-list celebs.

  • No word yet on whether she'd have a glass of plonk with B-listers

  • She can fit her fist in her mouth.

Why we love Sammie Pennington

You know that game, where you make your own porn star name by taking the name of your first pet as your first name, and the street you grew up in as your second? Ours would be Hammy Greencroft. Horrendous, you’ll agree. This is probably why there’s a high level of self-selection in porn star names; who would ever want to watch Hammy Greencroft doing his thang?

If she had to choose, Sammie Pennington says her name would be Felicity Funbags. While she sounds a bit like a character from a Carry On film, we still think it’s one of the best name’s we’ve heard.

Sammie is a regular for Zoo, appearing in their mag regularly over the last two years. She’s also done some rude TV work, but we wouldn’t know anything about that – we watch Corrie on an evening. Honest. No, but the plot’s really good, so…

What we really like about Sammie – apart from her perfect 32Es that is – is her daring. She’s up for anything, including (but not restricted to) sky-diving for photoshoots and even going a full 24 hours without wearing any clothes.

That’s dedication right there – 24 hours without any clothes? We hate our love handles so much we can’t walk to the shower without covering up. And during the World Cup, Sammie showed her patriotism in style, by posing in an England shirt.

And they say the spirit of the Englishman (or woman, whatever) is long gone? We think Sammie Pennington might have something to say about that.

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