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Sammy Winward — Bolton wonder

Sammy Winward
"Whenever I go out it's for a girlie night and there's no men involved whatsoever, I'm having too good a time with the girls."
Full name: Samantha Kate Winward
DOB: October 12, 1985
Place of birth: Bolton, Lancashire, England
Occupation: Plays Katie Sugden in Emmerdale

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2006 #73

Sammy Winward facts

  • Was training to be a ballerina before her agent secured her an audition on Emmerdale

  • Appeared on All Star Family Fortunes. Her family lost 381-30 to Kyran Bracken's. Ouch.

  • Lives on the same street as her Mum & Dad.

  • Her trials and tribulations with David Dunn gave The Bolton Evening News a field day.

Why we love Sammy Winward

FHM has watched exactly one episode of Emmerdale, and it happened to be the one where a plane exploded over the village resulting in the death of Seth’s dog and a load of people, convinced it was the best program in the world we switched on for the following episode, only to be confronted with Lisa Riley eating a whole bakery.

Thankfully those days are gone and we will happily switch on to watch the exploits Sammy Winward gets up to in her role as serial shagger Katie Sugden. We don't get many other opportunities to see Sammy, with her other television appearances pretty much limited to the ITV talent show Soapstar Superstar.

After a series of failed relationships with a string of scoundrels, Sammy Winward got engaged to Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Dunn. But seeing as she's a Bolton lass, it was never going to work out, and she has since been living the quiet life with their daughter Mia.

After dropping to a boney 6st after giving birth, Winward is now building her booty back up, "Stopping breast feeding helped me put it back on.” She explains, “I've got my bum back which I'm happy about!" So are we Sammy, so are we.

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