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Sara Foster — 90210’s super-bitch

Sara Foster
"People say it’s frightening how good I am at being malicious, vindictive, calculated and evil."
Full name: Sara Christine Foster
DOB: August 2, 1982
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation: Actress

Sara Foster facts

  • Sara has appeared in episodes of Entourage and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

  • She's said to have dated Leonardo DiCaprio and Benicio del Toro.

  • She's now engaged to German tennis star Tommy Haas, who she has a daughter with.

  • Her dad, David Foster, is a Grammy-winning composer.

Why we love Sara Foster

In the re-imagining of the Beverly Hills-based bitch-fest 90210 that American teenage girls love more than the prospect of a quality nose job, Sara Foster plays Jen Clark. Jen is a shallow, mean, manipulative and exceptionally well-groomed mega-cow who gets her kicks doing cool stuff like shagging her sister Naomi’s boyfriend and stealing all her money. But we don’t want to talk about that.

We want to talk about Sara Foster snogging Jordana Brewster in a film no one’s ever heard of called D.E.B.S. “As long as we make it real, they don’t care what we do. I was trying to explain it to my fiancé. Can you imagine your girlfriend going to work and making out with other dudes and girls? Nor can I, by the way. If he was doing a photoshoot with Anna Kournikova and touching her boobs, I’d be mortified.” So would he Sara. So would he.

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