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Sara Malakul Lane — Scream Queen

Sara Malakul Lane
Full name: Sara Malakul Lane
DOB: February 1, 1983
Place of birth: Guam
Occupation: Actress and model

Sara Malakul Lane facts

  • She was FHM's Would Wife in the November 2013 issue.

  • She was born in Gaum, raised in Asia and is based in LA. Oh and her dad is English.

  • She was in every ludicrously titled B-movie from Sharktopus to 100 Degrees Below Zero.

Why we love Sara Malakul Lane

You might never have set eyes upon Sara before (though you're probably glad you have now), but from Bangkok to Phuket, she's kind of an enormous deal, due to her role in Thailand's answer to Coronation Street.

Having starred in the country's biggest soap, Sara made the next logical progression: taking on the role of the daughter of mono-expressionist Steve Seagal in his late career high-point Belly Of The Beast (a film containing the immortal line, 'I couldn't sleep well knowing I hadn't chopped off your balls yet.')

Since then, she's racked up appearances in B-movies and has many more movies in production.

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