22-year-old Sasha Grey is not your average porn-star. Sure she does all the usual bits and bobs required by her trade, but she wants to push things a little further. Some of her films like Asstravaganza 3 make the fall of Rome look tame, and now she’s done all she can as a porn actress, she’s started making her own films and is also trying to go mainstream. Last years movie debut in The Girlfriend Experience was a bit slow, but she was quite good. And now, she’s up for a recurring role playing herself in HBO douche-fest Entourage, as Vinces girlfriend.


“I think Sasha’s going to have a very successful transition,” says Entourage creator Doug Ellin, “Sasha’s the biggest porn star in the world right now, and when Soderbergh (director of The Girlfriend Experience) casts her as the lead of his movie, I take notice,” Ellin explains a casting decision that was met with unanimous approval by his male cast. “I wouldn’t have done this storyline if Sasha passed. Luckily she was okay with doing it.”

Inspired by Charlie Sheen’s relationship with porn actress Ginger Lynn in the late 90’s at the height of his film career, Ellin believes Sasha’s got all it takes to play the perfect girl for movie star Vince Chase. “You can’t believe she’s a porn star when you meet her,” he says of Sasha, who will meet Vince in a bar in the new season’s fifth episode and stick around for the remainder of the season - possibly returning next year for the show’s eighth and final season. “I think they’re going to have a very interesting relationship.” Grey also appears in la-di-da fashion magazine Richardson, which you can see here and is very NSFW.