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Sophie Monk
"I play David Hasselhoff's secretary. She gets around a bit. It's quite a role."
Full name: Sophie Charlene Akland Monk
DOB: December 14, 1979
Place of birth: England
Occupation: Singer, Actress

Sophie Monk facts

  • Sophie was born in England but grew up in Queensland, Australia.

  • You can find her sex scene with Vincent Chase in the Entourage episode "The Day Fuckers".

  • Monk once earned her bread as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at Warner Bros. Movie World.

  • She's also appeared in the video to Blink-182's song "Always".

Why we love Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk is an singer-turned-actress by trade, but her most popular work since winning Australian reality TV show Popstars in 1999 has focused on how she wears her bikinis. The answer, as anyone who saw 2006’s critically-slaughtered Date Movie will testify, is brilliantly. Physically, she’s got a classic Baywatch look, leaving her employment opportunities gloriously open-ended. Watch this space.

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