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Sophie Turner — Aussie Model

Sophie Turner
"Please send all white chocolate in an unmarked envelope to my fan address and I promise I will be your best friend for life."
Full name: Sophie Turner
DOB: April 30, 1984
Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Model, Actress, Fashion Designer

Sophie Turner facts

  • Sophie earned her Bachelor of Laws from Flinders University in 2008. So she's smart, too.

  • She was scouted back in 1997 and subsequently won Miss Beach the same year, which we find kind of unsettling considering that she was only 14.

  • Sophie's favourite milkshake is, apparently: "White chocolate chips, M&Ms, Rolos, Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury Caramello, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top!" Classy.

Why we love Sophie Turner

What can we say about Sophie Turner that's not already been said? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. While the Australian model is clearly famous enough in America to have her picture taken at a variety of nightspots in a variety of remarkably sexy dresses, very little info about who she is or what she does exists.

We know that she was a contestant on the Australian show Search for a Supermodel, and they clearly bloody found one in Sophie Turner. She won, obviously, and signed a $250,000 contract with swish modelling agency Ford.

For a while we thought we saw that she'd been in both A Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, but disappointingly it turns out that they were just other women with the same name. We've already penned letters of complaint to both HBO and the BBC to voice how let down we feel about this.

Importantly, though, Sophie Turner is so hot she could melt brick. She's so hot that looking directly at her can damage your eyes, much in the same way as our Sun. She she's so hot that a cheese toasty fresh out of the grill might touch her and go, "Oooh, that's really hot!" She is responsible for the rapid increase in global warming since her birth in the early '80s and occasionally birds will migrate to be near to her, instead of Africa.

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