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Steph Song — Birdsong

Steph Song
"I was up against some porn stars trying to go legit in film, so they got all the attention. I kinda snuck in under their giant boobs."
Full name: Stephanie Song
DOB: April 19, 1984
Place of birth: Kuching, Malaysia
Occupation: Actress

Steph Song facts

  • Steph was the face of the sitcom Achar in the Phillipines. She was written out of it, and died in a collision with a bus.

  • She has degrees in Nursing and Journalism. Clever.

  • Don’t ask her about gossip, she doesn’t like it.

  • She was born in Malaysia, moved to Canada at 2 months, Columbia at 6 years old, back to Canada at 10 and then to Australia at 15.

Why we love Steph Song


You didn’t appear in our 100 Sexiest’ competition this year. What went wrong?
Well, the last time I was on telly here, I played a pregnant mom who was crying and nagging all the time. I spent two months with a pillow up my shirt! Not very sexy, so no wonder. But a role well worth it though. Or maybe all the boys forgot about me. Next year will be different!

You look more athletic by the way.
You messing with me? I haven’t done any exercise all year. Stress keeps me thin.

Married yet?
To my work, yes. To my man, no. He’s waiting till I crack the big time, and then he’ll marry me for the money. He not stupid.

We’re excited about your return!
Of course you should be. If you weren’t I’d start thinking you were dead!

Right. The old media rivalry. I bet they weren’t happy about you switching to the opposition?
No they weren’t. And I can understand why. But at the end of the day I had no guarantee of regular work at MediaCorp. I am an actress. And a freelance one at that. My grand plan was working out a way to pay the rent. Mediaworks offered me the chance of regular, challenging work, so I did what any working actress would do, I took the contract. That said, it’s all about stimulating roles. Given the chance, I would love to work with Mediacorp again.

Recently, I’ve been doing press interviews about Season 1, ‘cos it’s just been sold to Malaysia, which is great for everybody. So I still support the show totally. I hope it carries on.
Then Mediaworks closed and, bam, no more contract. Has fate been cruel to you? It was a definitely a bummer. Not just for me, but for loads of people. Everyone worked hard for the station. But if this is cruel fate, I say take it as it comes and turn it around. For me, it led me to the film I just finished, a film that I am proud of.

Where did you disappear to?
After the merger I decided to spend some time this year in the US and Canada, doing the rounds, auditioning, finding agents, managers. Basically doing everything a struggling actor does, except waiting tables. Done that before. Won’t do it again.

Any sleazy producers try to get you to serve them on the casting couch?
Er, no. But I was up against some porn stars trying to go legit in film, so they got all the attention. I kinda snuck in under their giant boobs.

And you scored a cool flick?
Yeah. It’s called Everything’s Gone Green. It’s written by Douglas Coupland, the guy who wrote Generation X. He’s a hero in Canada. So I better have not screwed it up.

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