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Stephanie Fantauzzi — Shamelessly Sexy

Stephanie Fantauzzi
Full name: Stephanie Vanessa Fantauzzi
DOB: March 17, 1987
Place of birth: Sau Paulo, Brazil
Occupation: Actress, model and singer

Stephanie Fantauzzi facts

  • She's best known for playing Estefania in the US version of Shameless.

  • Her favourite drink is Jameson whisky, ginger ale and cherry./p>

  • She enjoyed a popsicle and inflatable dragon/turtle thing in a yellow bikini in July 2013's FHM.

Why we love Stephanie Fantauzzi

Still harbouring doubts as the whiter America does telly better than us? Erase them by downloading Shameless USA immediately, because it stars the lovely Stephanie Fantauzzi. The Florida-raised model and actress plays Estefania, the short-tempered, sex-loving, clothes-shy daughter of a Brazilian drug lord.

Estefania's most memorable moments of the series include an angry, nude booty call, having an orgasm in the back of a car, getting her tan lines spray-tanned in front of an audience, and dangling from the roof of the Sears Tower wearing only a thong. OK, we made that last one up but, still, her character's done some crazy shit. And Stephanie is tipped to be US telly's hottest new star.

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