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Tamla Kari — Simon's girl

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Tamla Kari
Full name: Tamla Kari
Location: London
Occupation: Actress

Tamla Kari facts

  • Tamla Kari stars in The Inbetweeners Movie as Simon's love interest Lucy.

  • She can play the piano.

  • She's willing to perfrom nude, but only professionally. YAY!

  • She's due to star in the new series of BBC Three's Being Human.

Why we love Tamla Kari

You’ll soon be very familiar with Tamla Kari, not just for being a pretty little brunette but also as she’s the actress starring in The Inbetweeners movie as Simon’s holiday romance – Lucy – who’ll be helping him forget Carli D’Amato/Tara (Hannah Tointon/Emily Head) ever existed.

There’s very little information floating around about Kari, except that she studied at the Drama Centre in London and can manage a wealth of accents according to her casting profile, including: Cockney, Brummie and Northern England. We’re not sure if the latter is an amalgamation of every accent in the north, if it is we’d definitely put that on our CV too.

Another gem FHM discovered on her Tamla's casting profile is that she's willing to perform nude - but only professionally. We're not quite sure what 'unprofessional' nudity is - streaking?

FHM caught a glimpse of Tamla running along the beach with Simon in the The Inbetweeners Movie trailer, whilst he’s decked out in a full white outfit – yes, just like the Bee Gees. Hopefully this’ll lead to a bit of skinny dipping or perhaps it’ll end with Simon angrily beating his little soldier for failing to go to war. Again.

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