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The Shannon Twins — Double trouble

The Shannon Twins
"It's tough, especially being known as "The Twins" or "Hef’s Twins." For instance, since we moved out, we don’t dress the same anymore."
Full name: Karissa (right) and Kristina (left) Shannon
DOB: October 2, 1989
Place of birth: Ann Arbor Michigan, USA
Occupation: Models

The Shannon Twins facts

  • Far from just being Playboy bunnies, the girls have also been in Somewhere, a film directed by Sophia Coppola.

  • They've been in trouble with the law over the course of their career – they were both arrested for aggravated assault in 2007 after reportedly getting into a fight with two others at a house party. Messy business.

  • Karissa Shannon's been in one of them celebrity sex tapes, with her then-boyfriend actor Sam Jones III and fellow blonde American lady Heidi Montag.

Why we love The Shannon Twins

The Shannon Twins (known independently as Karissa and Kristina Shannon) are all-American Playboy Bunnies and also, as their title suggests, twins. Exciting!

While the two were confirmed as having “girlfriend” status with wrinkly lothario extraordinaire Hugh Hefner, they later said that the relationship was more for fun and an opportunity to get them on the E! Network reality TV show Girls Next Door (a programme about the life and times of the girls of the Playboy mansion) rather than an earnest attempt to bump uglies with him. Fair play. Their first appearance in the show is the most watched in history, with more than 2.4 million viewers tuning in to get a peek at the twins.

Unlike other previous Playboy centrefold twins, they managed to earn two consecutive months as official Playboy girl – although it's probably due to the fact that, due to financial problems at the magazine's publishers, they couldn't afford to put out a second issue over the Summer of 2009. Still, it's nice that they got recognition, all the same.

The twins entered the Celebrity Big Brother house for the January 2012 series along with Georgia Salpa and Nicola Mclean, which we can entirely get behind.

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