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Tina Kaiser — Bum deal

Tina Kaiser
"I like my bum."
Full name: Martina Kaiser
DOB: October 26, 1977
Place of birth: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Occupation: Television presenter, Model

Tina Kaiser facts

  • Tina didn’t want us to take a picture of her naked bum, because of what her Mum would think. Lovely, really.

  • If you’re ever her boyfriend, heed this: flirting with other women is fine, kissing them is not.

  • She has a masters degree from the University of Munich in something very confusing and too clever for us.

  • People mistreating animals makes her the angriest lady alive.

Why we love Tina Kaiser


How do I get an invitation to a movie night at yours?
I would take you to the movies, before we went to my place. I am Cineaste, so only interested in watching the movie. Talking and kissing are strictly forbidden. The only exception would be if I don’t like the movie, or if I’ve already seen it. So maybe to get to know each other, we first should go out for dinner.

Where do we go then?
I am vegetarian so prefer light and healthy food. I went to Vietnam this summer and I really appreciated Asian food.

And which movie are we going to see afterwards?
No Sex And The City, I promise. I would propose Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead with Philip Seymour Hoffmann. I already saw it and I think it is a very smart and masculine movie. I would not go to see one of those typical girly movies. You see, my disposition is sometimes quite masculine.

Masculine? What do you mean?
For example I like photobooks with beautiful women. In the morning it takes me only fifteen minutes to get ready. I am a fast driver and I am very good in parking. I like cars and technical stuff in general. I am not the romantic type of girl.

What does a man have to do to turn the first date into a nightmare?
He invites me for a candle light dinner at his place with bad Italian music a la Eros Ramazotti. Furthermore he turns the heating on, which implies that I have to take off my clothes very early. Those things would make me leave.

You are single. What kind of guy do you prefer?
I like European guys in general, but they have to weigh more than I do and they are supposed to have bigger feet than mine.

Why are you underlining this…
I just don`t like guys who are smaller than me. I cannot imagine going out with someone being small. The man has to be able to carry the girl, that`s what I think.

How do you catch the attention of men?
I have a very communicative personality, but I am getting really shy if someone interesting shows up.

Well, I was educated in a quite old fashioned way concerning relationships. For me it has to be the man taking the active part. Surely I would give him signals of interest, like glances or I would smile at him. But those situations don`t happen that often because mostly you get to know each other through people you both know. Also my work as model implies that I meet a lot of different people every day, which is definitively an advantage to somebody who works every day in the same office with the same ten people who almost all live in relationships.

Back to your perfect man. What does he look like?
I like rough and tough guys. I do not want to feel guilty if I want to have a chocolate cake while he is taking care of his six-pack. I prefer guys like Sean Penn.

So you like bad guys?
No, not really. I do not appreciate this model-goes-out-with-drug-addicted-rock -star thing.

Do you have any special characteristics?
I got a tattoo for my thirtieth birthday. It is a little star on my foot.

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