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Torrie Wilson — Wrestling diva

Torrie Wilson
"I could take you out in two-and-a-half seconds!"
Full name: Torrie Ann Wilson
DOB: July 24, 1975
Place of birth: Boise, Idaho, USA
Occupation: Ex-wrestler, Model

Torrie Wilson facts

  • Torrie's signature move was the ‘Springboard Elbow’.

  • She married Peter Gruner (AKA Billy Kidman) in July 2003, and then divorced him in 2007.

  • In 2007 she launched her own official clothing line, 'Officially Jaded', alongside her then-boyfriend Nick Mitchell (AKA Mitch from Spirit Squad). She likes her ex-wrestlers then...

Why we love Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson. Such a charmer. Back in 2006, FHM found ourselves alone in the same room as this woman. And she threatened us. She said: “I’ve got a couple of signature moves I use on men like you. Things like the neck-breaker.” It was such an erotically-charged moment that anything could have happened. Sadly, all we managed was a little fart.

She’s retired now, but in her golden years, Wilson wrestled in the WCW, WWE and WWF, posed for Playboy and became embroiled in storylines that involved lezzing off with other female wrestlers. She’s an all-time favourite, naturally.

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