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Uma Thurman — Killing Bill

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Uma Thurman
"Even, today, when people tell me I'm beautiful, I do not believe a word of it"
Full name: Uma Karuna Thurman
DOB: April 29, 1970
Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

1998 #62 | 1997 #54 | 1996 #32 | 1995 #2

Uma Thurman facts

  • Uma's three brothers are named Ganden, Dechen and Mipam

  • Was named 20th Sexiest Star in film history by Empire in 1995

  • She has divorced both Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke, and called off an engagement to Arpad Busson

  • Her grandmother modelled nude for a statue that overlooks Smygehuk harbour in Sweden

Why we love Uma Thurman

A lynch pin of cult Quentin Tarantino’s films. Uma Thurman has been the dark haired femme fatale Mia Wallace in the cult classic Pulp Fiction and more recently the deadliest woman in the world Beatrix Kiddo in the epic length future classic Kill Bill (and she’s scheduled to appear in the recently announced Vol. 3). She’s also starred in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Avengers among many others.

There is no conceivable way of hiding it, Uma Thurman is super sexy and she’s been nude on screen a fair few times too. Even though we all know how sexy she is, seeing her bare her delectable figure is still a shock to the system. Her break through film Dangerous Liaisons saw her topless (just after the 59 minute mark) aged just 18. Since then she has found excuses to get out of her clothes on and off the set. Films such as Vulcan and Jenny 8 are must sees along with the plethora of topless paparazzi beach shots. Since she’s been exposed the world is definitely a better place to live in.

At a good 6 foot you know straight away that she is going to have legs most girls would kill for and seeing them in that iconic yellow catsuit is a bit of a sensory overload. The three months she spent learning how to kick ass and swing a blade Samurai has made her even more attractive as the quirky beauty that wouldn’t think twice about thrashing you to within an inch of your life if she wanted to. Uma Thurman is so hot she’s dangerous.

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