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Vanessa White — Baby Saturday

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Vanessa White
"It is weird - on the one hand I do love being single and on the other everyone else is so loved up. But I'm the one who can do what I want, when I want."
Full name: Vanessa Karen White
DOB: October 30, 1989
Place of birth: Yeovil, Somerset, England
Occupation: Singer, One fifth of The Saturdays

Vanessa White facts

  • Vanessa is the lead singer of The Saturdays.

  • Her looks owe a lot - well, 50% really - to the fact that she's half Filipino.

  • She wore a see through dress to the 2010 BRIT Awards, and conveniently forgot to wear a bra underneath it...

  • She convinced her mum to call her baby sister Celine, after Celine Dion.

Why we love Vanessa White

The youngest member of one of the best looking girl bands in the history of mankind, Vanessa White is also the best one. In terms of singing anyway, she’s widely regarded as the best vocalist and is the lead singer of the band. Yeovil-born Vanessa moved to London at the age of five. No idea why, Yeovil’s got a Cineworld and a dry ski slope, what more could she possibly want?

Ok, so there’s sod all in Somerset really. At five she’d probably already been to Cricket St Thomas and Sedgemoor Splash, so there was nothing else left for her to do by the time Vanessa White received an offer of a full time place at a theatre school in the big smoke. This led to her appearing in a bunch of West End productions, including a lead singing role in The Lion King, and pretty soon she’d signed a deal to break in to music as a solo artist.

Before Vanessa White recorded everything though, she saw four ridiculously hot women auditioning for a band and thought “I want a piece of that”. Probably. Whatever really happened, she auditioned too and joined Frankie Sandford, Una Healy, Rochelle Wiseman and Mollie King in becoming a member of The Saturdays. The others think pretty highly of her (as we do all of them), naming her Christina Aguilera. Apparently she’s the quietest member of the band too, but we hope the nickname translates in to a ‘Lady Marmalade' style video.

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