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Vanna Garcia — Kiss and smell

Vanna Garcia
"I want smiling eyes in my man."
Full name: Vanessa Lorraine Garcia
DOB: March 21, 1987
Occupation: Actress
Appeared in: FHM Philippines

Vanna Garcia facts

  • On the razz, she likes tequila. But if she has nine, she’ll get obnoxious. Fact.

  • She goes to the gym three times a week to try and get Jessica Alba abs.

  • To stand a chance with Vanna, you’ve got to smell good. Specifically, not of fags, but of Hugo Boss or Aqua de Gio.

  • She had a son in 2007, the existence of which was the focus of a lot of attention from Filipino press.

Why we love Vanna Garcia


You’ve been seen sporting skimpy clothes in shoots. Any bad raps so far?
I think a time really comes when a woman should show what she has. What kind of woman doesn’t want to be fantasized by men? A girl would be lying to say otherwise.

You kissed a lady in one of your films?
Yeah, we kissed. Smack on the lips, actually. But it’s just work. I think it’s better to see two girls kiss than two guys? But let me point out that I’m just so into guys.

So do women kiss better than men?
Oh my goodness! I’m really a guy person. Ha ha ha!

You think girls are part of your hidden fantasies?
I admire really pretty girls, but not to the point I want one for a girlfriend! I’m just not into girls, okay?

All right, we’re dropping it. What makes a kisser good then?
A good kisser kisses very softly. I don’t want a guy eating my face.

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