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Victoria Beckham — Posh power

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Victoria Beckham
"I have no intention of ever working with the (Spice) girls again."
Full name: Victoria Caroline Beckham
DOB: April 17, 1974
Place of birth: Harlow, Essex, England
Occupation: Singer, Model, Actress, Fashion designer, David's wife

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2008 #98 | 1999 #60 | 1998 #35 | 1997 #16

Victoria Beckham facts

  • The former Spice Girl has turned restauranteur after teaming up with Gordon Ramsay to open an LA celebrity nosh pot.

  • Victoria likes nothing better than to spend an evening pretending she doesn’t know hubbie David before getting together to sing romantic karaoke duets at LA’s Villa club.

  • Posh has a tattoo of four eight-pointed stars at the base of her spine. They represent herself, David and her two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo. We assume a fifth has been added for Cruz, but maybe she doesn't like him.

Why we love Victoria Beckham

She may have started life as a singer, but the former Spice Girl has become a true celebrity icon by her union with the world’s most famous footballer/underpants model. A darling of the fashion business, Posh recently launched her own collection of high-end clothing to much approval. She’s also the face of trendy designer Marc Jacobs.

Living with her husband and three boys in the USA, Posh’s main residence is a $22m Beverly Hills mansion. And while he plays Championship-standard football for LA Galaxy, she continues to make brand Beckham one of the biggest in the world. Certainly no wannabe.

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