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Victoria Justice — Criminally cute

Victoria Justice
"I’ve had many incredible things happen to me… but I never thought I would be co-designing a doll that looks like me"
Full name: Victoria Justice
DOB: February 19, 1993
Place of birth: Hollywood, Florida, USA
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Pianist

Victoria Justice facts

  • Her family moved to their hometown's Californian namesake when Victoria was just ten, just because she fancied being on TV.

  • That is her real name.

  • Victoria started her acting career with a small role in televisual borefest Gilmore Girls.

  • She's not a one-trick pony - she's also a singer and pianist (we said pianist).

Why we love Victoria Justice

Looking at her place of birth, it’s understandable that Vicky – as she’s known to her friends (we’re basically BFFs, yeah?) – fancied a career in the big-time. After deciding that she wanted to be on TV at the tender age of eight, her parents jumped ship from Florida two years later and headed to the real Hollywood in California. We presume she spent those two years rinsing Disney World to get it out of the system. Can’t blame her.

She made her onscreen debut with a small role in Gilmore Girls (no? Ask your missus) and soon made a name for herself popping up in pretty much everything on Nickelodeon – including stealing the limelight of Britney’s little (pregnant) sister in Zooey 101. Now she’s all grown up and set to be your favourite new pile of cuteness.

Don’t go around thinking Ms Justice just has one string to her bow, though. Oh no. She can tick off singing and playing the piano on her CV, among acting and being ridiculously cute, and is gearing up to release an album. If you want to buy it just to hear the sound of her voice, you can just borrow our excuse: it’s for our niece, obviously.

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