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Victoria Pendleton — Two-Wheeled Minx

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Victoria Pendleton
"I'm proud of my thighs. They're the tools of my trade"
Full name: Victoria Pendleton
DOB: September 24, 1980
Place of birth: Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England
Occupation: Professional cyclist

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #39 | 2009 #84

Victoria Pendleton facts

  • Victoria Pendleton took part in her first race at the age of nine on a grass track.

  • In the run-up to an event, she trains for eight hours every day.

  • After a lacklustre appearance at the 2004 Olympic Games, she contemplated jacking cycling in all together. Luckily, she didn’t.

Why we love Victoria Pendleton

As a key member of Team GB 2012, Victoria Pendleton has forever earned a place in our hearts for making us realise that when Britain puts its mind to it, we can actually, y’know, win stuff. The fact that she’s also incredibly fit (in the non-athletic sense of the word) is just the icing on the cake.

Victoria graced the cover of FHM’s July 2009 issue; she seemed relieved to have the chance to slip out of all that aerodynamic spandex for a while. “I’m still a girl, and I love putting a frock on and feeling feminine,” she says. “I worry sometimes that, with all of the training I do, that I won’t look feminine. So it’s nice sometimes to make the effort and ‘feel like a lady’.” You needn’t worry, Victoria – whether you’re rocking a glittery ballgown or logo-covered leotard, you always look 100% laydee to us.

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