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Vikki Blows — Essex alternative-model

Vikki Blows
"I get my tittys out for a living, it's alright"
Full name: Vikki Blows
DOB: December 30, 1987
Place of birth: Romford, Essex, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Vikki Blows facts

  • A glamour model from Romford in Essex.

  • Writes her own blog about what she loves and hates, which is called Vikki Blows Loves/Hates funnily enough.

  • Almost expelled from school at the age of 13 for mooning her head of year.

  • She has a problem remembering to wear socks.

Why we love Vikki Blows

With a name like Vikki Blows a career in topless modeling seems like a lucky escape for the 22-year-old from Essex. You may recognise her from her frequent appearances as a Page 3 model, but more likely you'll know her as one of the girls leading the 'alternative' model revolution. In fact Vikki was an inspiration for the character of Varla Guns in The House Of The Dead: OverKill on the Wii. And she also appeared in some stunning nude Devil May Cry 4 promo pictures, which just bloody blew out trousers clean off.

But back in the real world Vikki Blows has racked up naked appearances in Front, Loaded, Nuts, Zoo and of course FHM. Just about every men's magazine you could imagine then. Except Men's Health, but they'd much rather have a big muscle man on the front to make you feel bad about yourself.

She has her own blog about things that she loves and hates, including socks from American Apparel, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and her boyfriend's band Eternal Lord. No, we had never heard of them either. On the hate list is early mornings, slow walking people and cheese. We hate slow walking people to Vikki Blows, but we just love cheese too much, so it's probably better that you're not single, it would never work.

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