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Violante Placido — Italian Actress

Violante Placido
"In a way, you are always naked while acting, using your emotions and parts of yourself to transmit something to the audience."
Full name: Violante Placido
DOB: May 1, 1976
Place of birth: Rome, Italy
Occupation: Actress, Singer

Violante Placido facts

  • Violante is an Italian actress who appeared in George Clooney's 2010 film The American.

  • Her mum is Simonetta Stefanelli, who played Michael Corleone's wife in The Godfather aged just 16.

  • Her parents starred in a porno together, and have not-that-surprisingly divorced since.

  • She's due to appear in the Ghost Rider sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Why we love Violante Placido

Who fancies a bit of culture? No? Well Violante Placido is Italian, so we’re going to count it as a bit of culture on And we bet you’re suddenly OK with us bringing you some culture having seen her. The Italian’s are good at culture, they have all of their sculptures and artists and that Pavarotti lark too. Plus their food and beer is pretty damn good as well. Is pizza and Peroni not culture?

Violante is from the heart of Italy in Rome, which means she’s probably a crazy driver with an old Renault 5 that’s full of dents caused by mopeds bouncing off the side of it. They. Are. Mental. We’re hoping she’s not one of those death defying scooter riders because she’s got a pretty face and we don’t want anything happening to it.

So where might you have seen said face? Well, Violante made her Hollywood debut in 2010 with a role in The American alongside some bloke called George Clooney, where she plays a prostitute and shows how comfortable she is getting naked. That came of the back of a Bollywood movie Barah Aana, and before that she was huge (we think) in Italian films like Jack Frusciante e uscito dal gruppo - yeah, that old biscuit. It actually means Jack Frusciante left the band, which was rude of him. She’s a singer too is Violante, releasing an album in 2006 called ‘Don’t Be Shy’ that featured a bunch of English tracks. Which helps because she might be cultured but we’re not, we speak no Italiano. Except birra.

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