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Whitney Port — City girl

Whitney Port
"Guys need to realise that they need to wait a while and that they shouldn't be so desperate."
Full name: Whitney Eve Port
DOB: March 4, 1985
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation: Television personality

Whitney Port facts

  • Whitney is most famous for her role in MTV reality series The Hills for four seasons.

  • She then had her own show The City, in which she dated a guy who'd previously been out with Miranda Kerr. Lucky bastard.

  • She's apparently turned down several leading roles in films, saying she's waiting for the right part.

  • She's made guest appearances in the likes of Entourage and Family Guy.

Why we love Whitney Port

Looky what we have here, it’s another ‘television personality’ born out of the greatness* that is American reality television. Whitney Port was bff to the likes of Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge in The Hills, but she’d like to try to make out to you that she isn’t your stereotypical reality TV attention seeker – saying “I prefer to keep some things private” when she decided not to move in with the aforementioned bezzies. Then she went and got her own show.

If MTV bosses were going to create a test tube star for the likes of The Hills, on paper Whitney might well have been it. She’s a Los Angeles girl born and raised, and daddy was the owner of his own fashion company. So she wanted to go in to the industry of looking good, and spent most of her on screen time in work. It paid off for her though, and her own reality show The City was created to follow her progress after a move to New York for a new job.

If the fact that MTV followed her to NYC for her own show still hasn’t spelled it out for you by now, Whitney is hot. But as her own website modestly states, she “is not just another pretty face in Hollywood.” She’s gone on to be an established fashion designer, even if unfortunately for us she’s not followed around by cameras all day anymore. Sad face.

*Feel free to insert your own adjective in its place.

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