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Yardthip Rajpal — Film star

Yardthip Rajpal
"I know there’s a ton of sexy women out there. So wherever you place me, I’d regard it as an honour. It’s good to know that I’m sexy."
Full name: Yardthip Rajpal
DOB: November 22, 1986
Occupation: Model, Actress, Singer, Television presenter
Featured in: FHM Thailand

Yardthip Rajpal facts

  • Her mother is Thai. Her father is Indian. And her family is Buddhist.

  • She’s been in over 10 TV series’ in Thailand.

  • Her nickname at school was Panda because her eyes were dark and she used to fall sleep in class.

  • She now goes by the name of Yard. Nice.

Why we love Yardthip Rajpal


Good Lord! You’re totally changed from last time we met, how come?
I’ve grown up. I’m was 17 when I first did a shoot with you!

We’re dying to see you in a bikini.
I’m not supposed to do it now. Maybe in a few years. But not now.

So, what’s your schedule at the moment?
I have a new TV series that we’ll start shooting soon, being a TV hostess, and I’ve just finished my first record called The Album; as well as my first movie. Which is about animals.

Are you a gifted singer?
I dare not say. I never believed in myself or had passion for singing. My voice is making progress bit by bit. I had a problem with my larynx at the beginning, because I overdid it. But overall it’s OK, since the songs fit my style. I’m happy with the outcome.

Do you like karaoke?
No, I don’t like karaoke. I’d prefer to dance.

But what if you’re on stage, two songs may not enough. Do you have any backup songs?
To tell the truth, I always sing the same old songs every place I go, especially ‘Where Is The Love?’ that I often sing when I had requested. But I may need to update my songbook now.

Who is your favourite artist?
I like Peace Maker. I love his style, and his voice is awesome. Every song he sings has some kind of sweet kindness and warmth. Just like his character.

Tell us more about your first movie…
Actually, it shouldn’t be my first movie, considering how much I’ve been offered. But I liked the script, and I play a drama teacher. The story is about being superstitious of tattoos, which I’ve been interested for a long time. So when I read it I was like: “Cool! Let’s do it”.

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