As you may or may not be aware, there's a remake of classic '70s Stephen King flick Carrie in the Hollywood pipeline, and due March 2013. Never seen the original? Here's the gist: a nerdy, downtrodden girl with telekinetic powers is pushed over the edge by her overbearing mother and bullying classmates - spectacular carnage ensues.

The role of Carrie will be taken by Chloë 'Hit Girl' Moretz; Carrie's mentalist mum will be played by Julianne 'Ginger' Moore; while the role of Sue Snell - the popular alpha-girl who takes pity on Carrie - will be taken by the gorgeous, destined-to-be-huge Gabriella Wilde. 

Wilde has been bubbling under for a while now, having appeared in such not-brilliant flicks as The Three Musketeers and St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. But with the Carrie remake sounding like it's gonna be properly good - it'll apparently be "darker and more psychological" than the original - the 23-year-old Hampshire hottie is gonna blow up like a sexy blonde bomb. Your obsession with her begiiiins... now.  

Gabriella Wilde: legs for days