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Zoe Lister — Hollyoaks honey

Zoe Lister
"Would I have sex on an aeroplane? Yes."
Full name: Zoe Lister
DOB: March 10, 1982
Place of birth: Stoke Prior, Worcestershire, England
Occupation: Actress

Zoe Lister facts

  • Zoe once ran for Great North Run to raise money to help Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.

  • Is an expert arm-wrestler. Honest.

  • Shares the same first name as her character, to prevent her being a "moron".

  • She thinks pumpkin pie has got indentity issues. She's right.

Why we love Zoe Lister

It's been written into the British constitution that all actresses "that grace ye cobbled streets of Chester, specifically Hollyoaks, shall be hot, and eventually remove their clothes, revealing their undergarments, whilst photographers are present." Unwilling to buck the trend, the effortlessly cute Zoe has been distracting boyfriends forced to watch the soap since 2006.

Judges at the British Soap Awards have also noticed her more-than-obvious talents, being so good as to nominate her twice in the Sexiest Female category, in 2007 and 2008. We wish her all the best in celebrityland, and hope she'll eventually get breast implants, parade around topless, marry a footballer, divorce him, then live happily ever after. Then again, with a name like "Z Lister" this might be difficult.

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