We have, obviously, been aware of Gavin Rossdale’s 21-year-old fashion model daughter Daisy Lowe for a while, and once upon a time put her at number two in our list of the 20 sexiest girls in fashion. But like the moment Bob Dylan went to New York as a teenager with an acoustic guitar and a few ideas and emerged a year later as the greatest songwriter on the planet, Lowe has exceeded our expectations in every way in the video above, in which she dances around for two and half minutes wearing nothing but expensive and tasteful lingerie to a song called Tiger by a band called Maximum Balloon featuring a man called Aku. It's a behind-the-scenes video from Lowe's covershoot with the UK edition of Esquire magazine and, even though they're one of our competitors, we are well impressed. It’s not just that Daisy Lowe is in great pants, or that she’s an amazing dancer, or that her body is unbelievable, or that her hair looks like it’s been combed by angels, or that every time she wiggles her hips it makes us go all funny inside, but that she looks like she’s having a BLOODY GREAT TIME. Well done Daisy Lowe, you are the ultimate.