Were there cries of vote-rigging when people heard you were dating Teddy?
I only met Teddy that night after the show. People did think it was a fix afterwards, so they put the scores up on the internet to show that it wasn’t. Teddy did vote for me, though.

How did you catch his eye?
There were 12 finalists and we each got asked a question by one of the judges. John McCririck was being nasty to all the girls, saying stuff like, “You’ve got a lot of cellulite,” so when I looked down the line and realised that I was going to get Teddy, I thought I might as well be cheeky or I’d just end up being boring.

So, what did he grill you on?
He said to me, “You’re a gorgeous-looking girl, you must get asked out by lots of footballers. So, who’s your favourite?” and I just replied, “Well, you of course!” and gave him a wink.

Was he really your favourite player?
Not at the time, no. Steven Gerrard was – he’s a Liverpool legend.

Do footballing swordsmen and the likes of Dean Gaffney chat you up?
Not really, though years and years ago Dean Gaffney did actually try to chat me up. He had no chance though. He’s uglier than… urrrgh. Just no.


Is Teddy as slow in bed as he is on the pitch?
No. No, he’s definitely not.

Still always thinking that one yard ahead then, right?
Ha ha, yes, definitely.

And always trying to get in round the back?
Ha ha! No comment. I can’t answer that… he’s going to kill me for this!

Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re admitting he wears your skimpies round the house like David Beckham. He doesn’t, by any chance, does he?
No, not yet. I might make him try some on though. He did put my crown on once and actually, he looked quite good in it.

We’ll leave that there. Has he ever worn his football shirt to bed?
No, but I do! He gave me a West Ham one that he’s actually worn for a match and I wear it all the time.

Really? Because we heard that you love to parade around at home in nowt but your underwear…
How do you know that? Yes, it’s true. I’m always walking around the house in my underwear. I never wear any clothes. I’ve just moved into a new apartment and there’s workmen outside all the time. I’m finding it hard at the moment because they all stop working, look up and stare at me!

And what are the lucky road-digging lags most likely to spot you in?
A pair of little knickers, or a pair of little shorts and a bra. That’s it!

You’re not shy, are you? Didn’t you do Playboy recently?
Yes, I did. I didn’t show anything at all, although I did go nude.

Is that because it’s in your Miss Great Britain contract not to show your bits?
Yes it is – I can’t even go topless. I’m not allowed to.

So the day your contract ends, will you be straight back in front of the Playboy cameras?
If they paid me enough money I’d do it, yes.

They’ve probably already got their muff-clipping specialists on standby…
They wouldn’t need one – I haven’t got any!

What? As Miss Great Britain we were expecting your downstairs to be something a bit spectacular – like a dyed Union Jack, perhaps…
Ha ha! That would be the shot wouldn’t it? That’s definitely the money shot!

Well, if you’re up for some pubic topiary you could always shave FHM down there for us. Or would it cost us an arm and a leg?
Well, it’d definitely cost you a few million…

Original interview by Mal Alexander in the September 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine