Denis Richards was a British historian most famous for his work on the history of the Royal Air Force, including a three-volume official history of the service during World War II, which was co-written with Hilary St. George Saunders, a British author who served with the Welsh Guards in World War I.

Denise Richards, meanwhile, is shopping for clothes. She’s also the American actress who you’ll be familiar with from such movies as Wild Things (in which she has a threesome with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon), The World is Not Enough (in which she plays a character called Christmas), and Starship Troopers (in which she plays a starship trooper). Here she is considering purchasing a black dress:

Here she is putting it back:

Here she is having a great time:

Here she is with some bags:

It would be extremely natural at this point to assume that those bags are full of items that Denise Richards was looking at in the shop. We’re not so sure though, because she has her car keys out and unless she lives somewhere where you can just park outside a shop and pop in to do a bit of shopping rather than the whole process of multi story car parks that us proles have to go through, the shop and her car probably weren’t very close to each other.

It’s possible that the photographer has followed Denise Richards all the way from the shop to her car, which could explain why Denise Richards is running her hands through her hair in a manner that suggests she’s not in a totally relaxed state of mind.

So there you go.