It may have escaped your notice, unless you're a bit posh, but the World Cup is not the only sporting event happening in June. The Wimbledon tennis tournament starts on Monday. And just in case that had escaped your notice, Diana Vickers is here to remind you. Actually, she's doing something with promoting Evian and playing tennis with former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash to that end, but whatever. We still thought 'Wimbledon's on next week' when we saw the pictures.

Diana Vickers is very pretty. This is just true. She also looks quite excellent in tennis whites. See?

Amazing legs. In this one she looks a bit like that woman in the Athena poster. But she's showing less bottom, because she's showing no bottom.

You know, this poster. See, a lot of bottom. Nice bottom.

Roger Federer is the number one seed at Wimbledon this year, despite being number two in the world to Rafael Nadal. That's weird. Why do they call them 'seeds' anyway? It doesn't make any sense. Is it because Wimbledon's played on grass? Is it because the winner is a bit like a mighty oak that grew from a tiny seed? No, it's probably not.