Abbey Clancy is a goddess, no denying that. We all love Abbey, and her sexy charms. And so did Peter Crouch, or so we thought, because it turns out the lanky numpty might have gone and put it somewhere he shouldn't.

No, not the plug socket again, but in an £800, 18-year-old Algerian prostitute called Monica Mint. The encounter is currently unconfirmed, and we hope it isn't true, because Crouchy was supposed to be the nice sensible footballer. But more importantly, it must be noted that the claim has come from a woman called Monica Mint! How ripe for a pun is that!?

You actually want a pun? Erm, she must have cost... a mint. Prostitutes and footballers, that's a breath of fresh air. (NOT). That's the most expensive sweet based product infused with peppermint oil that we've ever seen! Okay, we're not great with the puns.

FHM's 10th Sexiest Woman In The World reportedly left the set of her new TV show Great British Hairdresser STILL wearing her engagement ring. Supposedly this means a lot to many newspapers, but we don't think the first thing you would do during relationship issues is remove your ring. What we do think you would do is have a nice game of golf, well that's what Peter Crouch thought anyway. He's a special fella.

So, in true gossip mag style, have a look at our informative video above to bring you up to speed on the scandal.

We also have an exclusive for you. FHM has the FIRST picture of the prostitute of the moment Monica Mint.

See what we did there eh? Don't tut like that, it took ages!

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Anyway, here's a picture gallery of Abbey Clancy, have a gander at what could soon be on the market again.