It's going to be a difficult summer for the nerd community. For anyone in possession of a replica phaser or scale model of the USS Enterprise, the promised heatwave means fresh air and social interaction have never been more difficult to avoid. And with the cosy, air-conditioned anonymity of town centre multiplexes offering not only the first Star Trek movie in seven years, but also the series' hottest ever star, sales of sun cream and Ray-Bans are set to plummet.

That said, we're still baffled as to why director J.J Abrams opted to give Diora Baird a role as minor as the green-skinned "Orion slave girl". Thankfully, she left her body paint at home when she stepped in front of FHM's cameras. And most of her clothes, too.

Scroll down to see Diora Baird's exclusive FHM pictures!

Also this month, Earth's most definitive lady poll is back - get your 100 Sexiest Women in the World booklet free with the new June issue of FHM. Elsewhere, Stuart Hood risks itchiness, public ridicule and skin cancer in search of the world's best sun cream:

And we've tracked down yet another of Britain's finest barnet snippers. And convinced them to slink about in lingerie:

Plus, Jason Statham's fitness regime, how to buy a classic car, Ben Wilson meets Seth Rogen and the six-week six-pack plan. Don't miss out.

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