Marilyn Manson’s ex Dita Von Teese has made an advert for Perrier where she pours expensive fizzy water all over herself. To be fair it’s not the most expensive, that’s probably San Pelegrino, but Perrier does come in a can which is a plus if you don’t want a whole bottle. Interestingly the water comes from a plain in Vergèze a small village in the south of France, 4 miles (7 kilometres) south-west of Nimes. The plain is surrounded by limestone rock hills. The water from precipitation percolates through the rock, down into a 130 foot (40 metre) deep aquifer under the plain, about 16 feet (5 metres) underground. Below the aquifer is carbonaceous rock which, through the natural heat of the earth, releases carbon dioxide gas that finds its way up into the aquifer pool and carbonates the water. The water continuously feeding into the aquifer forces the water up naturally in a spring. But, as the water reaches the surface, the carbon dioxide present in the water escapes from the water, leaving the water less carbonated again. Consequently, bottlers have drilled and installed pipes directly into the carbon dioxide producing rocks to a depth of approximately 1500 feet (450 meters.) The carbon dioxide is extracted through the pipes, then combined under pressure with the water at time of bottling in the plant. It's just like school on here eh? Except ruder. Here's the video.