Doutzen Kroes is a name that sounds like it should belong to either the lead singer of an EXTREMELY ANGRY death metal group, or a stocky, elderly Bavarian lady who whittles chair legs in the village square while the local youths make fun of her moustache and pelt her with potatoes.

So well done supermodel Doutzen Kroes for defying all expectations and instead being extraordinarily good looking and wearing a bikini on a beach for the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. She is a pioneer.

Wait, does that cover say 'packing special'? A whole issue of a magazine on how to throw your pants in a bag and pack a toothbrush instead of, say, an old stick covered in dog pooh? Do people not know this stuff? What's next month, 101 Ways To Put Your Trousers On Without Accidentally Starting An International Incident?