Elisabetta Canalis is George Clooney's girlfriend. She’s an Italian model, actress and TV presenter and looks bloody unbelievable in a bikini. She’s got a perfect tan, no stretch marks and no lumpy cellulite caused by years of drinking aspartame-riddled Diet Coke in the hope that it would make her less fat. Nope, Canalis is in tip-top condition, having found that brilliant combination of cardio, bendy yoga and eating lush green salads (with a little bit of protein) served up by the chef at Clooney’s Lake Como mansion. Her butt ain't never gonna drop.

Canalis is in such good shape that recently felt in a strong enough position to re-tweet someone’s observation that Jennifer Aniston is a dead ringer for Iggy Pop. Meow! Look:

Elisabetta Canalis thinks Jennifer Aniston looks like Iggy Pop

Bitch! Italian bitch! But she does have a point. And she's so fit. You could bounce a squash ball on that stomach. But she’s also got a face that’s part Steven Tyler, part Sarah Connor. Good luck with that in ten years time, Georgie boy.

Elisabetta Canalis from the front:

Elisabetta Canalis in a bikini

Elisabetta Canalis from behind:

Elisabetta Canalis has a tight arse

Elisabetta Canalis from the side:

Elisabetta Canalis videos

Elisabetta Canalis from behind again:

Elisabetta Canalis can drive a boat

Elisabetta Canalis sucking on a freeze pop:

Elisabetta Canalis on the beach

Elisabetta Canalis drinking champagne with George Clooney:

Elisabetta Canalis at a black tie event with George Clooney

BONUS Elisabetta Canalis photo gallery: