27-year-old Emily Blunt has done a sexy but tasteful photoshoot for Elle magazine. star who’s preternaturally beautiful gave a very sexy but tasteful interview where she said she doesn’t like being air brushed. She said…”I don't like it when they stretch you out and make you all long and skinny. It makes you look like a Barbie. Who the hell looks like that?” Dunno, Barbie? And the Mattel corporation? 

Emily recently married American actor John Krasinski, 30, one of the stars of the US version of The Office. The couple live in Los Angeles but Emily, who grew up in south west London, said even though she loves it there, she won’t forget blighty “I feel very transatlantic. I shoot in England all the time, and I’m really close to my family and friends there. I know that maybe there’s a perception that I’ve abandoned what’s true to me but I still maintain it and I never want to look like I’m disregarding where I came from. British people pretend to hate LA but they completely love it. I’m going back on Thursday and I’m so excited. I get to swim in a pool.” We went to LA once, bit hot. Nothing singles you out as British like swearing like a sailor and slathering on three inches of emulsion.