100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 – the Top Ten

Posted by , 02 February 2010

Emily Scott – Aussie angel

Emily Scott – Aussie angel

  • #10

    Elisha Cuthbert – All night long

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    Angelina Jolie – Mother nature

As any right-thinking vertebrate will tell you, ITV’s Love Island was utter visual bilge; patronising, lowest common denominator boredom; televisual equivalent of a doleful Alsatian breaking wind in your face. But it did have three redeeming qualities. One, it saw Bombhead from Holloaks get beaten severely round the face and neck. And the other two? Well, they belong to Sydney-born bikini model Emily Scott. Annoyingly, the only man who’s been getting his hands on them is David Walliams – but now he’s been dumped, we’re learning why FHM Australia voted her their Sexiest Aussie 2007: “Making private porn films is healthy in a relationship,” she coos, “as are sex toys.” Seconded.

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