The star of the Harry Potter films took a break from the harrowing abuse a ‘mud blood’ receives in the antiquated wizarding private school system to appear in the video for ‘Say You Don't Want It’ the new single from hip young pop makers One Night Only. It’s a fun video that sees Watson, pretty as can be, striding round New York with lead singer George Craig, who it turns out is also courting Watson! Craig is cool. To gage just how cool he is let’s look at the evidence. Exhibit A: He’s in a band that actually make music video. Exhibit B: He models for Burberry, alongside Watson. Exhibit C: He’s dating Emma Watson. The only comforting thing about this situation is that they probably don’t ever actually get round to having a kiss as they’re too busy laughing at how absolutely brilliant they are. The pair have been dating for a month or so now. And frankly we’re glad Watson has found someone, now she’s finished filming the Harry Potter films, she must be at a bit of a loose end. We don’t like to think of her wondering around the house, eating an enormous bowl of cornflakes while watching Loose Women. She’s better than that, see for yourself in the video and gallery below.