Class-y –adjective, class·i·er, class·i·est. Informal . of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.

That’s the dictionary definition, and it’s not just slight of hand to pad out this spurious story so we can post some racy pictures of this 37-year-old actress and super model as she attended the Cannes festival premier of her latest opus The Princess of Montpensier. Herzigova wore this tiny little lacy number from Dolce & Gabbana and some leathery shoes that were a bit like bikers boots, though in reality would be wholly impractical for driving a motorbike. The amazing outfit accentuated her 5ft11 inches sexiness.


The film in question is sort of a 15th century Eastenders tragedy.

“The Princess in question is Marie de Mézières, a beautiful young heiress in love with the Duc de Guise but promised to his brother. The film begins in 1562 when her father, receiving a better offer, reneges on the agreement and has her married to Philippe, Prince de Montpensier, whose friend and mentor the Comte de Chabannes – banished as a deserter after he gave up killing during the war between the Catholics and Huguenots – is enlisted to educate the young woman. It’s awkward enough when this older man – not just a soldier, but a scientist, philosopher and aesthete – secretly falls for his charge; far more problematic, however, is the jealousy felt and angrily expressed by Philippe when it becomes clear that de Guise still wants Marie. And then there’s the king’s brother, the Duc d’Anjou…” Full review here. Might be worth watching for some heaving French bosoms, but otherwise we’d have to take a swerve.