100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 – the Top Ten

Posted by , 02 February 2010

Eva Longoria – The nation’s favourite housewife

Eva Longoria – The nation’s favourite housewife

It almost seems like something’s gone wrong. Like we’ve miscounted somehow. After all, do a straw poll of any nearby males: how many admit to watching Desperate Housewives? Exactly. But then perhaps this is the greatest testimony to just how truly planet-warpingly attractive this 32-year-old is.

From her warm, brown dark-eyed Latino looks to the religious experience that are her buttocks, this Texan is a true goddess of sexiness. And not just visually speaking either. That lusty sexual proficiency, glinting in the eye of her character Gabrielle Solis? Pure Eva – as any interview over the last 12 months will tell you. For instance, the sex lessons she gives her basketball-playing bloke Tony Parker: “Tony’s only been with one other person in his life. I’m the teacher.” Trust us, it’s worth spending a few private moments visualising exactly what that could mean.
So perhaps it’s no wonder she is so high up in our lady poll.

No wonder that long-lens bikini shots of her pert form sold for $45,000 last year. No wonder that, tantalisingly, she had to publicly deny filming a movie version of the classic lesbian lustathon Tipping The Velet with Beyonce Knowles. And no wonder that, at a charity auction last year, the biding exploded when a date with Eva was proffered. The cost of a date with this scorching hot fox? A cool $100,000. time to start saving then…

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