Eva Mendes is a woman so beautiful she makes us feel like we've been hit by a bus. Mainly because we once were - wing mirror to the head while drooling over a sweaty, stocking-clad Mendes advertising Calvin Klein undercrackers. Still, six stitches or not, we can't stay mad at this Miami-born 36-year-old. Partly because actress Natasha Alam gives her "a ten for snogging" (in 2008 chick flick The Woman), partly because Hitch has been on the telly so often we're convinced we're husband and wife.

Eva Mendes at The Other Guys premiere

So it's always good to stumble across pictures of 'the missus' out and about looking gaw-geous. Here's Eva Mendes gleaming on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of cop comedy The Other Guys, starring Mendes, Will Ferrell, Michael Keaton, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. It looks like it might be good fun after a couple of beers. Here's the trailer:


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