Eva Mendes is pretty wonderful. Everyone knows this. It barely needs saying. She's pretty as a picture (a picture of something good, like a rainbow or a unicorn firing lazers from its eyes; not some rubbish picture of, like, a dam or something), she's quite a good actress and she clearly has an excellent sense of humour. She now also has a sex tape, as you can see below.

You're probably a little disappointed now, aren't you? You were expecting something NSFW but what you got was LOLs. Silly Eva. But well done for being quite funny. Here's a picture of Eva Mendes looking hot, which should be some compensation.

Eva Mendes sexy underwear shot

There were three things we noticed about this video:

1/ She pronounces her name 'Ayva', while we've always pronounced it 'Eeva'. We're going to go ahead and assume we're pronouncing it right and that she should really learn her own name.

2/ In green screen she looks sort of like a young Sarah Jessica Parker crossed with Abby Clancy, which is frankly a bit disturbing.

3/ We forgot the other one while we were writing the first two and were too lazy to go back and change the intro to "we noticed two things..." Deal with it.

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