Eva Mendes is absolutely smashing it at the moment. She has a new movie out called The Other Guys, with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, which means she's going to lots of premieres, the most recent being in New York. Because she is a professional she is turning up to these premieres looking like a little bit of Heaven on Earth, in a dress. See how lovely she looks. Ah, Eva.

Eva Mendes at The Other Guys New York premiere

Little known facts about Eva Mendes:

1/ She studied marketing at university. We didn't even know this was a subject you could do a degree in. Sounds a bit vague, like majoring in 'working in a shop' or 'something related to farming equipment'.

2/ She appeared in the video for Will Smith's song Miami. She was sitting in a car and mouthing the 'something something Miami' line. It was in Spanish or something. We could look it up but we didn't. Hey ho.

3/ She was teased at school for her 'buck teeth'. There is literally nothing wrong with her teeth. Kids are horrible.

Eva Mendes The Other Guys Premiere (Face)

4/ She does a really good impression of a mannequin. See, amazing.

Eva Mendes - Other Guys Premiere - Full Body

Want to see the trailer for The Other Guys? Ok, FINE: