100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006 – the Top Ten

Posted by , 02 February 2010

Evangeline Lilly – Etheral beauty

Evangeline Lilly – Etheral beauty

  • #09

    Jessica Alba – A-list angel

  • Introduction
  • #07

    Beyonce Knowles – Shagadelic songstress

We say: A quick office survey reveals that Evalgeline Lilly is the only reason why lots of us (everyone, in fact, except Big Mark, who simply likes plane crashes) watch Lost. Lilly is mercifully used to gadding about in very little clothing and said she’d do a mass skinny-dip with her co-stars if the show was picked up for a second series. It has been. Hallelujah!
You say: “I’d be Evangeline’s Man Friday. And on Saturday, to, when we’d shag!” – Wes, 23, Liverpool.
They say: “There are those for whom the sight of Evangeline Lilly in practical yet alluring beachwear is reason enough for her existence” - The Guardian (we think they mean us).
She says: “I’m very picky when it comes to men. I come across a man who I’m really attracted to about once every five years.”

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