Miranda Kerr's lingerie pictures are like buses, you wait for one, then twenty come along at once a hit you in the face. Okay, they're not quite like buses. But there are a lot of pictures of her in lingerie on the internet. We're concerned it might get too full soon, especially with these new ones in the gallery at the bottom. So what will you do if the internet does reach critical sexy mass? We'll have to delete Facebook or something to make room for more.

Well, we think that's how it works. We dragged the Internet Explorer icon in to the trash bin once and thought we had deleted the internet. So we spent thousands of pounds printing out copies of the website we were on, just in case they couldn't recover the internet. We thought the last ever internet page would be worth millions.

But it turned out it that the internet could be recovered from our bin. So we had to recycle 1700 printed copies of The Weekly Pickle website. Our Mum was quite angry.

Anyway, Miranda Kerr, she is a lovely lady and now married to Orlando Bloom. Who is from Kent. Which is spitting distance from us! But we won't spit at Miranda, oh no, she''s too lovely. But we might hock out a heavy one at the eleven twat.

Miranda Kerr in lingerie. In a video. Discuss. 


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